The line between Web professionals and Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) has been growing thicker and thicker lately. Web professional like the web designers and App developers hat the SEOs so much because they usually ruin what they have toiled for hours to create.

A web developer will design the website to be as lean as possible, so that It can load faster and offer the necessary functionalities. But an SEO expert will come and ruin all this by adding a bunch of Htags, Metadata, footer links, no-follows and a bunch of other links that sometimes end up dragging the entire site down.

As if that is not enough, SEOs would then spend hours on ends posting the web address everywhere on the internet, forums and on social media platforms. They will go ahead and try some tricky techniques to push the links to various places online. Sometimes they will use some hidden texts of hidden links as disguise.

Reasons why web developers hate SEOs

There are various reasons for the love-hate relationship between SEOs and Web Professionals/developers. Either side has experienced the other one badly.

For instance, SEOs would sometimes use black-hat strategies for link-building which the developers would not agree with or design the website to accommodate the black-hat mechanisms.

There are some cross-cutting issues between the web professionals and SEOs that contribute to the strained relationship between the two; which includes the different working practices, and inadequate awareness on either side. In that, SEOs don’t understand development and developers are also insufficiently informed about the SEO practices and strategies.

Not only is there no understanding of the basic values on either side, but there is also a lack of knowledge of the goals of either expert. The relationship and trust between the two experts can only be enhanced when the two understand and trust each other.

How can the relationship between SEOs and Web Professions be improved?

In many cases, SEOs and web professionals are very different entities. They view things differently and have distinct working and communication styles.

Below are five ways in which SEOs can improve their understanding with web professionals and strengthen their relationship:

  1. Learn the priorities of each other.

For effective communication with web professionals about SEO issues, there has to be a better understanding on how either side works and how each is important. The Web Professionals can differ mostly in terms of their priorities and what they consider important.

If the SEOs take time to understand the web developers with whom they work with, it will help strengthen the way they communicate and to make them aware of the value of each other in the overall success of the project.

  1. Clearly explain the impact on the project

    Before the start of the project, the two should have a clear understanding of the impact on the overall project. The project development should only commence once the convergence points of the two professionals have been identified and clearly mapped out.

  2. Educate each other on their industry standards

    It is important the SEOs and web developers understand the minimum industry standards of each other’s profession. That way, they will be able to work together smoothly.

  3. Set clear objective at the onset

    At the beginning of the project, the two sides should set very clear and succinct objectives that should be met for the success of the project.

  4. Integrate the project workflow 

    at the design stage, the SEOs and the web professionals should work together to integrate their workflows for smoother implementation of the project and to achieve the project deliverables.