I’m going to explain to you the basics of creating search engine optimized content, the main and most important thing when using SEO for content that will rank well in search engines is to start with your framework or mind-map of all the keywords that you are looking to target in relation to your site. In a way that makes sense so that it will be easy for you to start writing content and determine the different types of categories to a group that content in, in this post, the keyword that I want to target is candle making supplies. Now that I know what my primary keyword, I have to make sure that the keyword is used enough times within the text of the content so that Google has an easy time identifying the content that is related to candle making supplies. And that’s really easy to do. The first step you will need to do is to have to make the keywords in the title of the blog article itself. You can always expand this title to include texts before and after the keyword. Make sure the keyword or phrase candle making supplies remains intact.


Expanding the title to candle, making supplies and resources is perfect because the keyboard candle making supplies is intact. However, if I instead change the title to candle, making resources and supplies, then this post is no longer optimized for the keyword handle making supplies because I have separated the sequence of the keyword and that goes against search engine optimization best practices. Another requirement is to make sure that keywords being used as SEO for content are never separated. They need to appear exactly in the order as your keyword research. Next make sure that the first paragraph of your article or content actually contains teens, the keyword that you want to target. For example, I have the keyword candle making supplies in my first sentence. Also, you can consider bolding the keyword or keyword phrase, to make it stand apart, as well as increasing the importance of keyword in terms of search engine optimization.


Take note of different variations of the keywords that virtually mean the same thing. In this case, I noticed “supplies and resources for making candles” mean closely the same thing.  Once you identify keywords similar keywords with very close meanings you can start writing the rest of your content.  Continue to ensure that in the last paragraph of this particular post, you also include the keyword candle making supplies. Now let’s click on save draft. What you will notice is that by default, WordPress has taken the exact title that you enter here and turned it into the slug of your post. A slug is basically the structure of your URL as it will appear in the browser and also to Google.  The problem here is that the default slug contains unnecessary keywords.  These are not really the keywords that you want to target. And by entering too many words in the slot, you make it less effective. So the easiest way to correct that is to click on edit and manually remove the rest of the stuff that you don’t need. Click on. Okay. And that will tell WordPress to use only this slug, no matter how many times you change the title nature, you will also want to make sure that you assign this content to the correct category in a way that makes sense. According to your keyword mapping or keyword map next, you should also enter some. Tags now tags are not as important as it used to be before, but they’re still pretty important in terms of the overall website that you’re trying to build here. So as for the tags, make sure that you enter the main keyword click on add, and you can also add a variation of this mean keyword.


You now have a template for creating actionable SEO for content. The main mistake most people make is that they do not retain the exact order of the words that form their keyword throughout the article. By separating the keywords, you reduce the effectiveness of the content for the keyword you have chosen as your target. Make certain when you are reviewing your content before posting, your article contains the exact keyword you are targeting throughout. My recommendation is to mention the keywords a few times in the content of your article itself, especially in the first few sentences and again in the last few sentences.  Additionally, I recommend that the exact keyword appears in the title and as well as the URL or the slug. If you implement this simple technique when using SEO for content that you create, then your chances of getting ranked in search engines will be substantially higher.

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