An outreach email is an important part of your online marketing campaign. It can make or break your potential lead. Therefore, it is vital to take your time to ensure you shoot an email that your target clients will actually open and read the content. Now the big question is, how do you write a highly effective outreach email?

In this article, we will discus what constitutes a good outreach email and how you can craft one. Writing killer outreach email comes with experience and constant interaction with your target influeners.

In order to craft highly effective outreach emails, consider the following:

  1. Know your target – You must take time to understand your target. Establish their likes or dislikes, look at the personal opinion of the influence on their social media platforms and other communities that they have subscribe to.
  2. Make it personal – Take your time to find out the name of the blogger and email them directly. You should mention the name of the blog, instead using a link. Using a link instead will make it seems like the email has been generated by a robot, you need to make the email personal. Don’t be lazy!
  3. Do your research – To avoid conflict of interest, it is important to research what your target influencer is selling or promoting. If you planning for a giveaway, you should research to ensure your targeted influencers are doing giveaways.
  4. Avoid giving excessive compliments – when crafting outreach emails, over complimenting the target will sound fake. Only compliment them when you honestly think that the achievement deserves a compliment.
  5. Go directly to the point – The attentions span of people is nowadays drastically reduced due to the many notifications and online noise. Therefore, once you get the attention of your target audience, immediately hit the nail on the head to avoid losing them. Do not go round and round the point with fluffy content.
  6. Email should be scannable – A good outreach email should be easy to scan for the main point or idea. The email should be written in a manner that the main points stand out, or are bulleted for easier reading and comprehension. Avoid using huge blocks of paragraphs as this will scare the readers away.
  7. Email should be flexible – In your email, you should be open to ideas and suggestion from the influencer that you are targeting. Avoid imposing on them or giving theme an A /B kind of question. Your email should encourage them to tell you what they think and how they would instead wish to handle the idea you are pitching for.
  8. Put you offer on the table – influencers and other bloggers are also in business and they would at all time be trying to make some money. Therefore, you should at least put something on the table. You must make your offer upfront on your email. Be flexible, but highlight how the offer will be of mutual benefit for both parties.