How to Hook Your Dream Customers with Content That Engages

Content is King! You have heard that hundreds or even thousands of times. But how do you create compelling content that will hook your dream customers and keep them engaged with your content?

Don’t worry; you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn how you can develop killer content that will not only engage your clients but will keep them coming back for more.

The online world is becoming more diverse, with more distractions and stronger competition coming up every day. How do you remain relevant in the mucky world? The sky scrapper method. Here, you are supposed to create content that is way much better than your competitors’. But how do you do it?

Here is how…

  1.       Understand your audience.

In any problem-solving venture, your first step must be to identify the problem. Once you have the inner details of the issues, it will be easy to design your solution to address the root problem instead of treating the symptoms.

What I mean here is you have to analyze your customers. Try to fit in their shoes and ask yourself why:

  •         They need the product that you are promoting.
  •         And why they should get it from you and not your competitors.
  •         What value are you adding to make the customer return after the first sale?

Once you have all these questions answered, you will be able to tailor your content in a manner that will engage the client and provoke him or her to hit the buy button.

  1.       Connect with your audience

The next stage is to connect with the customer, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This can be achieved by speaking their language.

Here is how…

At the research stage (stage 1), you need to identify where your customers hang out when they are not buying or /and using your product. Try to identify want they think about most of the time or all day long while running their chores.

Once you figure this out, your content should have mentions of these activities.

For example:

If you are selling dog food, you should understand your potential customers must also be doing dog walking, training and even have sick dogs with unusual symptoms. Therefore, when you are writing your article that is intended to lead the customer to buy one of your recommended dog foods, you should mention something like, “When you are just from walking your dog, and you are tired and need a quick fix, the easiest food to prepare for your dogs is….” Your customer will relate to this fact because it is what happens to them more often.

By mentioning what happens in your clients’ day-to-day life, you are likely to keep them engage with your content and even make sales.

  1.       Write in a friendly, conversational tone.

Today, the internet is full of “information overload.” Whether one is a scholar or not, we tend to read content that is easy to understand. For videos, for example, YouTube videos, people will prefer listening to fewer techie talks. Therefore, it is important to use a conversational tone, whether in writing or on video. Use a tone that you would use in a day-to-day conversation.

That way, you will keep your customer engaged with your blog or video and, at the same time, keep them waiting for more content from you.

  1.       Focus on the Features & Benefits

When you pitch your products or services to your potential customers, whether it is B2B or B2C, you need to focus on how the features of the product or/and service you offer will benefit the customer. That way, your customer will be able to match your product’s features to his or her day to day needs.

Once you have observed all the above, your customers will be informed, and at the same time, they will love your content because it will not sound salesy. Customers love informational content that leads them to make a buying decision instead of content that is promotional right off the bat.