It is very important to understand your Quality score and how it is calculated. Google uses Quality score for PPC. The quality score matters a lot in your PPC campaign, in this article we will discuss how you can improve your score for better results.

Quality score sometimes appear to be a complicated parameter for new online marketers. Here, search ads will display for chosen keywords provided that the advertiser is prepared to pay for the resultant clicks.

But there is clearly more to it with millions of advertisements bids placed everyday that compete for the highest ranking with the same keywords. This is where the Quality Score comes in.

Let dive in…

But what exactly is Quality Score?

Quality score is a Google’s indicator of the value of a keyword. Once Google gathers enough data from your site, a score of 1 to 10 is given to keywords in your ads account, where 10 is the highest score your keyword can get.

This number indicates the total value of your target keyword in all the auctions that it takes part in. It is intended to direct advertisers, but not as a ranking factor for ads. For real-time quality ranking, several additional variables are taken into account.

The score of 1-10 allows online marketers to determine how well they are doing at picking the right keyword, write good ads, and to lead users to valuable landing pages. Here, the real-time quality score is the primary indicator. There real-time Quality score will fluctuate frequently and differs from one search to the other on Google.

Does a High-quality score guarantee better results?

The next big question is why Google have a quality score in the first place. Does it guarantee better results? It all sounds confusing at first, let’s shed some light on the matter.

Google use the quality score to help show the users appropriate advertisement every single time a search is done. Google relies on advertisement sales and thus has an obligation to ensure that the ads served are important to the targeted users. If they allow low quality advertisement to be presented to the users, it will mean that they will get less revenue and they risk losing the users in the long run.

It is also useful for advertisers as the want to get high quality leads from Google. Although sometimes it can be difficult to increase the quality score. Nevertheless, advertisers must play their part in choosing appropriate keywords and creating persuasive adverts. And if they do, their CPCs can be reduced for greater gains.

How is Quality Score calculated?

Google has so much data on how consumers engage with search results that they can calculate the expected relevance of advertisements, and the landing page in relation to any online search. This is the Quality score.

Instead of asking Google staff to determine every keyword’s importance, an approach which is incredibly time consuming, arbitrary and wrong; they use the “crowd’s wisdom” concept for allocation of a quality score. This algorithm explicitly tracks the experience of users on the SERPs to predict potential interactions.