Conversion Secrets of The Successful Copywriter

Whether you are a blog writer or an executive at a multimillion ad agency, you will need expert copywriting skills in order to convert your lead and make successful sales.

In this article, I will give you secrets of success tried and tested over time by copywriters. All you will need to do is master these secrets and implement them on your next copy, and you will be guaranteed to make sales.

Here are the secrets that many successful copywriters will not tell you:

  1. Do Thorough research

Like any other discipline or project, you must do thorough research before putting your words down. This should take the most significant chunk of the time of a copy blogger.  At this stage, you will look into other similar (or not related) products, look at how the copy has been written. Try to find ways of improving the existing copies of both your competitors and other unrelated fields.

Try to come up with a better version of an existing copy using your skills. Write them down, and score them from say 1 – 5.

  1. Star from the end.

Have you heard the adage that goes, “The end justifies the means?” In copywriting, the expected results will determine the process and approach you will take to achieve your objectives.

Once you are done with the research stage, the dice have been rolled, and it’s time to embark on your copy’s actual writing. At this stage, you have all the necessary data that you need. All you need is to look critically at the information you have, take your time to interpret it, and arrange it all in a manner that will wow your audience.

  1. Understand your audience

Your intended audience or the consumer of the copy was the most important factor to consider while curating your copy. You should ask yourself:

  •       Is it easy to read for my audience?
  •       Does it capture the pain points of my audience?
  •       Is it written in the manner in which my audience would talk on a typical day?
  •       Does it put the product or the service I am trying to sell at the center?
  •       Does it address the needs and desires of my audience?

If your copy answers all the above questions, it is time to move to the next stage.

  1. The Killer Call-to-Action

So, you have written a killer copy that has driven your client into your sales funnel. But how do you hit the last nail on the head? The call to action.

This is the last but most important ingredient of your copywriting recipe. If you get this part wrong, all the efforts you have put into the previous stages will be worthless.

A good call to action should sound touch the audience and trigger his or her emotions. A good call to action is one that is irresistible. For example, instead of telling your potential client to “Buy Now,” you should use phrases like “I Want In” or “Let me in.” Such words resonate well with your client and lead to more conversion than the conventional methods.

Once you have practiced these steps and managed to execute them, you can rinse and repeat. Practice them on fields outside your comfort zone.