The internet is full of noise and things that are struggling to grab our attention. Therefore, in order to pass a message to an audience, it is easier to use a photo, video or a combination of the two. Compared to text posts, audio visual accompaniment has been seen to engage the audience more. Even better, memes have been seen to pass information to target audience much better latterly.

Nowadays, many organizations are using memes in their online and offline campaigns. They have been proven to be an effective promotion medium. Online marketing has not been left behind. PPC is a complicated concept in online marketing, but these memes will make it easier.

Here are some awesome Memes that will teach you the basics of PPC.

  1. Your Ads and Keywords are perfectly Optimized

This meme simply says that there is much work to be done besides optimizing your keywords and ads. SEO activities is a package, and should be carried out as such. Not one single aspect of SEO will help you outrank you competitor or rank high on SERPs. You need a balance of many factors in order to succeed.

  1. Broad Match Keywords Meme

Here, the misconception of broad match keyword has been explained in this simple meme.

  1. Meeting top of the page bids is not a strategy

This meme explains that you should not consider getting top page bid estimate a strategy. A comprehensive PPC strategy will comprise of many more SEO aspects.

  1. Managing PPC

This is my personal favorite PPC meme. Here, in six images, it shows what different people think about PPC. Your friends will think it is a ride in the park, while your mom will think that you are some creative genius somewhere doing some very interesting analysis with the state of art equipment. Whereas the society thinks that you are an executive somewhere. Your boss thinks that you are really enjoying working on the campaigns. Yourself you think you are fighting fires, when in reality you are actually just analyzing data from Google analytics and webmaster tools.

  1. Is it SEO or PPC?

There is a thin line between SEO and PPC. This meme shows the kind of confusion that the two brings to customers.

  1. We’re all on the same path.

This meme shows the clear path for a PPC strategy that an online marker can develop for his or her client. But once the journey starts and Google changes the algorithms, it leaves the client and the expert confused. The project deliverables change a great deal and the whole process will have to be re-done.

  1. The Keyword research misconception

This meme describes the confusion that digital marketer, agencies, organizations and expert get themselves in. Different agencies will have a different approach to keyword research, which will cause a difference in the point of view.

  1. AdWords scripts weakness

This meme brings out the faults we often find in AdWords scripts. When you have managed to optimize your client’s site for conversion, then the AdWords scripts changes or doesn’t seem to execute the campaign as designed.