To turn visitors into quality leads, you must create a very strong and persuasive call to action (CTA). But how do you write a perfect CTA?

How can you determine that the CTA you have created has the ability to bring in quality leads to your business or website instantly? You may be wondering whether there are some examples of very good calls to action. If so, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore 20 Call to Action examples that can create instant quality leads. 

These examples will help you to quickly come up with a creative CTA for your organization or website. You don’t have to struggle anymore to come up with killer CTAs. 

But first, what is CTA?

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt that informs your visitors about the next step to take after they have seen or engaged with either your content or your landing page. If you consider how your clients engage with your content, the CTA will be the first step that your visitors will take in order to reach the product that you are pitching to them.

What defines a good CTA?

But what makes a CTA irresistibly strong that your client will not help it but click?

Unfortunately, the types of CTA will vary from one niche to the other. There is no on-size-fits-all solution or just one example that will work on all niches. 

Different niches use various tactics based on the purchasing power and the buying intent of your target clients. 

For instance, someone selling an SEO tool would probably have a call to action that is very different from someone who has a $15 toy. 

The SEO tool company’s Call to Action would be a question or a sample case study that touches on the challenges that the visitor is currently facing. On the other hand, a toy company will be more straightforward and have a CTA like “Order Now” or Buy this Now.” 

Either way, you can definitely do some things to boost conversions irrespective of your target audience or your niche or business model. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Create the need for your product

The CTA goes far beyond the little button that you hope your visitors would click.

The compelling statements accompanying the button will have more influence on the CTA’s success than the words on the button itself. 

The trick is to know the problem that your audience is trying to solve.

  1. Create the need for your product

The CTA goes far beyond the little button that you hope your visitors would click. The compelling statements accompanying the button will have more influence on the CTA’s success than the words on the button itself.  The trick is to know the problem that your audience is trying to solve.

call to action


For instance, you may have to include some data from a case study if you are selling an SEO tool and try to address the audience’s core problems. An example could be something like “Do you want more traffic?”, or for our case at TrafficFunnelling, it goes like “Having A difficult time Getting Traffic?”

Here is another example from Neil Patel. 

get more traffic

  1. Use powerful action words Here, you intend to make the visitor take action. So, you ought to use verbs in your copy. 

For instance: 

  • Discover
  • Enter
  • Join
  • Get started
  • Begin
  1. Provide quick gratification

Some of the best CTAs are also gratifying. For our SEO example, instead of using the ‘Buy’ button, you could use something like “Show me how.” Instant gratification can also be used in text around the CTA button. As you’ll see below, TrafficFunneling has a copy that says, “…Reach 1,000’s of people who are actively searching for your product, service….”

call to action example

Note that to come up with a good instant gratification statement, you need to know the exact problem that your audience is facing and what pains them most. 

  1. Create a Sense of Urgency

Urgency is very important, especially for online or service-based products and tools. For example, terms such as “NOW,” “limited time offer,” and “Today” may lead to increased leads and conversions. It is also good to also have a timer or counters for the inventory if possible. But remember, if you say that it is a limited time offer, you should close the offer when the period elapses; otherwise, clients will know that there is no urgency. Here are some excellent examples:

call to action urgency

get quality leads


Source: Neil Patel

  1. Make the offer hard to resist

If you are selling an excellent product, it is your responsibility to present it in a manner that makes it a necessity, and your visitors will find it hard to resist the offer.  You will see this in the 20 examples of CTA that we will list below. To make a genuinely irresistible offer, you will need to consider the actual problems that your audience was trying to solve when they landed on your site or business.  For example, if you are selling food, a visitor would want to buy food and have it delivered to his or her house immediately. Therefore, your CTA should offer first delivery, and you can also add a free or bonus treat for the first visitors.  Alternatively, you can offer a certain amount of money OFF their first order; this will force your lead to buy more than one of your products.  Now here goes the 20 Killer examples of CTA that you have been waiting for:  20 Examples of CTA that will bring quality leads and convert As we said earlier, these CTAs do not apply to all businesses. Your exact copy will be determined by the type of audience and the nature of your products (Physical or service).  These 20 excellent examples of CTAs will inspire you to create a better and irresistible one for yourself. Note that his list contains a mixture of all types of CTAs ranging from Business to Business (B2B), to Business to Customer (B2C):  For website landing pages

  • Start My Campaign – This is a good example that has a timer also to show a sense of urgency. 

call to action sense of urgency

  • Start My Free Trial – This is a good CTA from Neil Patel

free trial call to action

  • Get the Free Training

call to action free trial

  1. Get the Full Class for Free – Teach Me

call to action examples

Source: smartblogger

5. Get the Freebie

what is a call to action

6. Ahref – This is a good example that gives an irresistible offer and has a catchy copy around the CTA button.

what is a call to action

7. Get 14 Days Free – No Commitment; Cancel Anytime. This is a good copy that reassures the client that he is safe and does not need to commit his credit card to get the offer—source: Skillshare.

a call to action

8. Start My Free Month

examples of a call to action

9. Sign Up to drive – Get in the driver’s seat and get paid.

10. Where are you going?  – Explore Nearby Stay | Go Near – A good CTA by Airbnb Other commonly used CTAs For Marketing, tools, and service-based products are

call to action button

  • Sign UP Now
  • I Want In!
  • Subscribe
  • Try for Free
  • Count Me In!
  • Launch Now
  • Learn More
  • Join Us
  • Let me in!
  • Grab This now!