Whether you are writing for your blog post or just a forum update, your headline/title will either make it or break it. Nowadays, people are becoming lazier and lazier online. And with the hundreds or even thousands of blogs, ads, pop-ups, notifications, and social media noise out there, it is important to grab your readers’ attention right from the top.

How you write your headline will determine whether your audience even open the link to look inside. I usually spend over 3 – 4 hours just coming up with a headline. This is not a waste of time; once you get used to it, you will spend less time. All you need to understand is the reasons behind every single word, phrase, connecting word you use on your headline.

Another important thing to consider when structuring your headline is to capture the reader’s emotions right off the bat.

But how do you do this?

Follow the following simple steps to crafting killer headlines:

  •       The first research on what you would wish to write.
  •       Next, narrow down to the specific juicy topic that you would wish to write about. Your topic should be something that your audience really cares about. Something that stresses them out or makes them have sleepless nights.
  •       The next step is to look at your audience’s emotional triggers. Empathize with your audience. Identify their exact pressure points. Engage the senses of your audience by using sensory words.
  •       Tease your audience by giving them just a hint of what they will get when they read the content.
  •       Use Power words; these are words that will trigger our audience’s emotions while at the same time, you do not over-promise and under-deliver.
  •       Then nail it by writing a title that captures all these aspects that you have identified.

Don’t worry; I will give you examples of such headlines and some templates that you can use to achieve all the above.

But first, let’s analyze the components of an emotional headline. What constitutes an emotion-based headline that will instantly drive engagement to your content?

Here is the breakdown:

Use emotional Power words Like:

  •       Awesome
  •       Life-changing
  •       Mind-blowing / mind-cracking
  •       Incredible/incredibly
  •       Jaw-dropping
  •       Tantalizing etc.

Use sensory words like:

  •       Golden
  •       Shinny
  •       Bright
  •       Stinking
  •       Cry
  •       Whooping
  •       Ice-cold etc.

Now let’s get to the exciting part. Here are ten examples of emotion-based headlines that have been proven to drive engagement, and they still work.

I will highlight the words that bring out the emotions in the title. Try to come up with your titles using the same approach.

  1.       10 Reasons why it Sucks to be a blogger.
  2.       9 Ways to Dramatically improve your golf swings
  3.       50 Ways to Have More Fun With your blog
  4.       13 Programmers Shares their secret to success after tasting failure.
  5.       17 Quotes that will make You wish you feel better about your life.
  6.       What The princes did to the Homeless will Make you Tear Up – So Heartwarming.
  7.       23 Chess moves that will make you Feel Smart.
  8.       9 Cute puppy photos that will make you cry.
  9.       The US government spent a Whooping 2.6 Billion Dollars to fight the pandemic.
  10.   This is why you should never take Ice-cold soda.

Notice how the combination of numbered headlines, power words, and sensory words knocks the punch. Practice by writing such headlines by writing 20 versions of your headline. With practice, you will be able to write hundreds of headline variations In a couple of minutes.


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